Our focus is Managed Services. Our mission is simple:

“To provide you, the small and medium business owner, with services that result in massive benefits by reducing costs and increasing competitiveness in the market.  When you succeed, we succeed.”

Sterling has been doing this since 2016.  We provide services to clients that range from virtual desktop, cloud-based servers, secure file sharing, hosted email, web hosting and backup solutions.

Our Data Centers are located entirely within Canada, so your data stays in Canada. We pledge 99.99% uptime, which means that your applications and data are available to you year-round, whenever and wherever – at the office, at home, or on the road.

Our goal has always been to make Cloud secure, simple, and reliable, as well as affordable. We monitor and manage the infrastructure, and typically know when a problem will arise before it happens.

We work hard to ensure your success.


John Vioncek

Founder & CTO

John started programming in Basic at an early age (he won’t say how early). He went on to host multiple BBS’s during his teens, most notably FIDOMail, the precursor of email. Just to keep busy, he also learned all he could about digital mediums (audio recording and video encoding). John has over 20 years of experience in managing IT infrastructures in multiple small and medium businesses. When not working (which is not often) he plays guitar and drums, likes camping and fast cars and of course, checks out whatever the latest technologies are.

Julian Simpson

Sales & Marketing

Julian has been in the technology space for many years (he won’t say how many) in a career that has spanned Programming, IT Systems Admin, Telecom & Networking, Unified Communications and Cloud. He has worked in multiple areas of organizations, from operations to services to channels and sales. His varied career has spanned multiple companies throughout North America, Europe and Asia - from startups to enterprise organizations (startups are the most fun). The focus in each role has always been to ensure that the customer’s needs are always the center of the solution. When not working, he likes hiking, woodworking and playing video games (he’s not that old).