Cloud Desktops

Cloud Desktop (also know as Virtual Desktop) lets you and your staff connect securely to your work environment.  

You can access all the same applications and data using your existing work computers.  You and your staff also have the flexibility to securely access the work environment from anywhere using a laptop, tablet, or Smartphone device.   

The advantages are:

  • Save money across all of your IT costs with a simple low monthly fee
  • Keep employee’s work safe in the cloud
  • Keep your existing computers, no need to purchase new equipment
  • Still give employees access from anywhere, on any device, securely
  • Enable Two-Factor Authentication when not accessing from the office
  • Everyone’s apps and data will always stay with the company
  • Works with any Video Collaboration application
  • Full backups of each employee’s work environment done daily
  • Easily add new employees, and ensure information is retained when employees depart
  • Resources such as memory, CPU and disk space can be added on the fly, as needed

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