Managed Services

From basic break fix to your fully managed outsourced IT department - We have the right program to fit your IT service needs.

Bronze Program

The Bronze program is our basic program which provides you with a competitive service level agreement ensuring your IT support requests are handled by our help desk in a timely manner.  Remote or on-site support is there when you need it most.  Free of any commitments or monthly fees the Bronze program is best suited for businesses with low IT needs or those who only need occasional IT support.

Silver Program

Affordable full network monitoring 24/7/365 with the option to choose the addons that matter most to your business.  Our technicians monitor your system around the clock and are notified of any issues before they have a chance to disrupt your daily activities.  When an issue arises we quickly remedy it to minimize downtime and the impact on your business.  No more starting your day with the surprise of your network or email being down.  Choose the addons most important to you such as anti-virus, patch management, 3rd party software updates (Adobe, Java, etc.), asset management, weekly maintenance, and more.  Perfect for non-profit societies who already receive software at a discount or businesses who have specific IT service and support requirements.

Gold Program

The total package.  The Gold Program includes all the addons from the Silver Program in one package for a fully managed IT experience without the price tag. Regular system maintenance, anti-virus, updates, backups, and more are all managed and monitored in the background ensuring your IT infrastructure runs smooth.  With an even more aggressive service level agreement than the Silver or Bronze programs, you can trust that your IT support requests or any potential IT issues discovered are handled with the utmost of urgency keeping you ahead of the pack.The Gold Program is perfect fit for any business looking to consolidate multiple services into one convenient package or who are looking for someone to manage their IT services consistently and reliably.

Platinum Program

Your personal IT department for a flat monthly fee.  The platinum program includes all of the benefits of the Gold Program and includes unlimited service and support for a flat monthly fee.  Take the guesswork out of your IT budgeting and outsource your IT department with us.